Social Media & Websites are both crucial elements of any brand’s Digital Marketing Strategy. In this article, we will discuss why your NGO needs to should be active on both platforms.

Social proof

They both integrate seamlessly and are crucial in instilling Trust in consumers interacting with your brand for the first time. Your active engagement on both platforms provides Social Proof which is a pillar of Online Marketing.


Marketing on Social media is crucial for website SEO. It boosts SEO  because your social media page gives you the ability to link back to your website. Having relevant links from big  sites like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn boosts your SEO rankings.

How to integrate Social Media & Website for Maximum Engagement.

1.Create a blog and add posts to it consistently. Blog consistently and link your content on your Social Pages. In your blog, you can discuss relevant or trending topics in your industry and share your expert opinions. Doing so will help you connect with your audience and also offer you increased visibility for your content.

Expert Hack

Doing this will give you two pieces of content for the price of one – a blog post and then a social  post.

Break down your blog post into different shorter parts and post them as Social posts.

2.Direct Advertising

Using the short-form content from your blog, You can directly advertise to your target market using Social. Doing this will increase your Web Traffic as people who engage with your content will be redirected back to your site.

3. Add a Social Media Widget to Your Website.

You will benefit by getting two things for the price of one – a social post for your social feed and extra content for your website. Search engines should recognise the social posts on your website as new content and boost your rankings.

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The writer is a digital marketer with Kreative Advertising- An Online Marketing Agency in Kampala,Uganda.

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