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Why do we do what we do?

Uganda is a country with more than 600 registered NGOs. This shows that people are inherently good-hearted and want to give back to their communities. However, individuals cannot support large communities on their own and most NGOs are faced with an issue of funding.

NGO founders usually try to support the organizations out of their own pockets but this can only go on for so long especially in this COVID period where the number of lay-offs is shocking.

As most Non-Profit founders will attest, the major issue faced is maintaining and finding donors to support the activities of the Non-Profit.

This is mostly attributed to poor marketing of their organizations and with fewer people knowing about the organization, this makes it difficult to attain funders.

Kreative Advertising provides a solution to this by helping organizations to establish themselves online.

We do this through digital marketing in the form of Website Creation & running fundraising campaigns to raise money.


What makes Kreative Advertising unique?

-Kreative Advertising has a team of young digital marketers who believe in better/high-quality living standards for all.

-Our team members have gotten a chance to volunteer in different organizations and understand the challenges faced by the Non-Profits in Uganda.

-Our Team is trained specifically in Non-Profit marketing.


Why are we the best Non-Profit Digital Marketing Agency?

-We are the only digital marketing agency in Uganda solely focused on Non-profit marketing proving our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field.

-We have a young talented and flexible team that will present your organization in the most accurate way possible online.

-We offer Non-Profit focused SEO to help your organization stand out in Google Search Results and get found by more potential supporters.


Why do we offer our services?

-Many Non-Profits live in constant limbo/ fear of where they will generate a consistent stream of funding to sponsor their activities.

-Through digital marketing, we help Non-Profits maintain a consistent brand voice online, encouraging engagement and allowing the organization to remain relevant for a while.

-Consistent engagement makes it easier to run fundraising campaigns as people are already familiar with your organization which contributes to the campaign’s success.


Our Past achievements

-Increased Fundraising Campaign Success by 40%

-Increased donor funding (due to increased search engine visibility)  for past and current clients

-Saved time & effort by managing client’s Social Media Platforms.

-60 % increase in grant success for past clients


What do you get when you partner with us?

Competitive Web design prices

Full Non Profit Website Technical Support & Maintenance

Online Website Donations

Modern Graphic Design Templates for Social Media

Free Non-Profit marketing consultation

Our Mission

share your efforts with the world

Our mission is to help NGO’s share their numerous efforts to the rest of the world in a bid to gather support for their various causes through Donors, Volunteers and Fundraising Programs

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